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Watches come in many different types, each with its own unique features and benefits. These compilations explore and compare the many unusual types of watches out there.

One popular trend in unusual watch designs is the use of unconventional materials such as wood, stone, or even meteorite. Wooden watches, for example, are eco-friendly and add a rustic touch to any outfit. Some watchmakers even use rare woods like ebony or sandalwood, making each watch unique. Stone watches, on the other hand, are durable and have a natural appeal. Watches made from meteorite are particularly striking, with their distinct patterns and textures.

10 Petrolhead Watches for Automotive Enthusiasts

Petrolhead watches are gaining popularity among car enthusiasts since they are a great way to express one’s love for cars. Wearing a petrolhead watch shows that you are a car enthusiast and that you appreciate the finer details of automotive design, you will also find interesting car inspired designs in the Automobile Watches section…

10 Wooden watches  3

10 Wooden watches

Wooden watches have a few things going for them: they are light-weight most of them are half the weight of a watch with a metal band,  they are hypo-allergenic so a good choice for those with metal allergies and these timber timepieces can also look better with age due to the patina of the wood being conditioned…

12 Classic Watch Designs from 1910's -80's 6

12 Classic Watch Designs from 1910’s -80’s

This a chronological list of classic watch designs that have achieved their status because of their historical significance or enduring fame. Dating from the turn of the 20th century through to the 1980’s. These watches vary greatly in design and style ranging from small refined dress watches to chunkier sports watches but all have…

10 Interesting watch materials. From Dung to DNA. 5

10 Interesting watch materials. From Dung to DNA.

Watch brands go to great lengths to create unique products and attract customers. Sometimes the intent is to push the boundaries of watch making by introducing new materials, while other times for less high brow goals such as just pure whimsy. Alchemy plays a part in some of these watches -the magical transformation of…

HYT Skull - the liquid watch gets new design. 1

10 Skull Watches

Skull watches are an interesting design combination. Frequently used as a Memento Mori, or a reminder of mortality, the skull, when used on a watch could be taken to signify that time is precious. The skull a primal symbol often with negative associations in the past, has become a popular contemporary motif in art,…

10 Cool Actors and Their Watches 3

10 Cool Actors and Their Watches

  This article is the result of some watch sleuthing and features a selection of actors ranging from the silent screen era to recent times and the watches they chose to wear. From Charlie Chaplin to Robert Redford,  “The Tramp” to the “Sundance Kid”  you will find information on the watch they chose and…


11 Asian watch designs for the year of the dragon 2012

2012 is the Year of the Dragon so here is a collection of recently released watches showcasing Asian watch designs and manufacturing techniques. The sign of the dragon, considered the most favorable of the lunar calendar, is synonymous with power and wealth. According to legend, the Chinese understand themselves as descendants of the dragon…

Single hand watches

12 Single Hand Watches

Single hand watches may appear unconventional or even strange to many of us today but telling the time using just a single hand was in fact the normal way when pocket watches were introduced in the early 16th century. In fact timekeeping began with just a single hand, sundials and the early church clocks…

9 Watch Widgets

9 Watch Widgets

There seem to be surprisingly few watch widgets by watch manufacturers but after doing some digging around we've managed to put together a selection of 9. We havent tested them all so take the usual precautions when installing new software.
10 Tritium Watches 1

10 Tritium Watches

Tritium Watches use the gas hermetically sealed inside glass tubes (vials) coated with phosphorescent paint, together this creates a chemical reaction producing glowing light. Tritium has a half life of 12.3 years so its brightness will start to fade after that and most manufacturers give the tritium illumination a longevity of between 10-20 years.
Spy watches

Spy watches

A selection of Spy watches seen in the movies as well as a roundup of the different types available.

10 Unusual Watches under $50

10 Unusual Watches under $50

Unusual watches don’t have to break the bank, here’s a selection of budget priced watches with unusual designs all priced below $50. While they may not be as well made as more expensive models they usually come with a decent Japanese quartz movement that’s accurate and reliable and they can make fun gifts or…

DIY'ers Watch by Stanley

10 Gadget Watches

Early gadget watches have appeared in film and TV long before real-life examples existed. Since 1946 comic strip detective Dick Tracy communicated with police HQ through his “2-Way Wrist Radio” watch (later upgraded to TV) And of course James Bond often sported a nifty gadget watch in his films, the buzz saw watch from…

Urwerk 203. Miniature air compressors included.

Unique Watches of 2010

2010 was a good year for admirers of unusual, unconventional or unique watches. Here is a selection of some of those timepieces that break with the traditional constraints of watch design. The amount of engineering in some cases is phenomenal, especially when you consider that essentially their end purpose is to tell you the…

Cool Watches

Cool Watches

Whats the formula for a cool watch? Well although there is no formula for coolness, its subjective, one way to invest something with coolness is to associate the product, in this case a watch, with someone who is already considered cool.