10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500

10 Unique & Artistic Watches for Men Under $500

Unusual and creative watches are having a moment. With more consumers looking for timepieces that make an artistic statement, watchmakers have begun blending innovative designs with reliable movements to create affordable watches for men under $500 that capture attention. From moon landing inspired pieces to interstellar styles, watches with unexpected materials to minimalist models, there is an artistic timepiece out there for every taste and budget.

This list covers some of the most eye-catching and affordable artistic watches for men priced under $500. Perfect for watch aficionados, style-conscious professionals, and anyone looking for a conversation-starting accessory.

Lunar 1969 White – Understated Space Age Chic

Watches for Men Under $500 the Lunar 1969

Admittedly this first one is just over $500 ($600) but for the watch aficionado who appreciates subtlety, the 1969 Lunar Watch is a muted celebration of the seminal moon landing it memorializes.

“A series of symbols, including a genuine fragment of moon rock, for a watch filled with an immense dream.” – Col & MacArthur

Featuring a moon watch face, slim markers, and matching leather strap as well as GPS coordinates of Apollo mission and the Apollo XI landing site. A closer look also reveals an actual piece of lunar meteorite incorporated elegantly into the watch face. Along with a high precision Swiss quartz movement in a rounded stainless steel case water resistant to 50 meters.

It’s a commemorative timepiece with quiet style rather than loud fanfare. But the inclusion of an authentic moon fragment, custom presentation case, and certificate of authenticity give it gravitas.

Key Specs:

  • $600
  • 316L stainless steel case, diam. 39mm
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Calf leather strap
  • Lunar meteorite fragment
  • 50M water resistance
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The Blue Z – Electric Style

Watches for Men Under $500 the Electricianz Blue Z

The Electricianz watch startup aimed to fuse Swiss watchmaking prowess with forward-looking technology, and the resulting Blue Z watch exemplifies their vision. The monochromatic design eschews convention with an all-blue color scheme echoed through the face, hands, bezel, even the strap or metal band.

The magic happens when 5 LEDs bathe the watch face in an otherworldly blue glow at the touch of a button for effortless night reading. The innovative single battery powers both the precise Japanese quartz movement and long-lasting backlight.

“The Blue Z, holding it’s own, both rugged and mysterious” – The Electricianz

Key Specs:

  • $445
  • 45mm stainless steel case
  • Hardened mineral crystal with AR coating
  • Custom single battery movement with backlight
  • Multiple strap options
  • 30M water resistance

This watch forges its own path with technology-assisted style.

The Blue Z rubber 1 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500

Hyperspace Blue Supernova – Interstellar Style

Watches for Men Under $500 Hyperspace Blue Supernova watch

More than just a timekeeper, the Hyperspace Blue Supernova watch features a crisp sunburst dial that evokes visions of streaking stars over the futuristic grille design, like gazing through the portal of a spacecraft jumping to warp speed.

The robust Japanese automatic movement powers laser-cut hands tipped with luminescent paint in a cosmic dance. Swiss Super-LumiNova markings glow in the dark like distant galaxies.

“An interstellar realm strapped to your wrist.” – Xeric

Double curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal, articulated leather straps with a glove-like ridged pattern, and a view of the workings through the steel caseback give this watch an intriguing depth. Affordable enough for a collector but unique enough to be a statement piece.

Key Specs:

  • $499.99 (current sale price)
  • 40mm stainless steel case
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Japanese Miyota automatic movement
  • Date display
  • Leather straps with quick release
xeric hyperspace automatic black hole 12 1x1 1728x 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500

Eclipse Neo Analog – Modern Sundial

Watches for Men Under $500 Eclipse Neo Analog

Minimalist design combines with subtle references to astronomy in Eclipse Neo’s unique take on timetelling. The clean geometric case hosts an orbit of indicators representing the passage of time. The hours are shown by a solitary white dot meant to symbolize the sun. A black dot as the moon traces the minutes, and a barely-there third dot for the seconds like a comet’s tail.

“Using this phenomenon as a design concept, Eclipse Neo displays the time using three orbiting indicators.” – Tokyoflash

Despite the cosmic inspiration, the user-friendly watch operates just like any conventional quartz watch. The proportions work well for large and small wrists. Choose between a sleek monochromatic silver-on-black or reverse for subtly eye-catching style.

Key Specs:

  • $149
  • 32mm brass case, 41mm lug to lug
  • Hardened mineral crystal with AR coating
  • Adjustable stainless steel mesh strap
  • Japanese Seiko Epson quartz movement
  • 12 month battery life
  • 30M water resistance
eclipse neo analog watch tokyoflash japan silver case silver strap on wrist 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500

4D Concrete Watch – Industrial Chic

4D2023 moss 01 wt 1024x1024 1 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500

Art and engineering blend seamlessly in the 4D Concrete Watch with its visually impactful use of its namesake building material. The green concrete case and matching dial have a rough organic texture contrasted by precise geometric cutouts for the date window and logo.

Created using an exclusive technique pouring fluid concrete into molds, then hand finished and polished during a 14 day curing process, no two watches will have the same marbled effect. LumiNova markings cause the watch face to emit a starry glow at night.

“Striking the optimal balance between the weight of the concrete watch and wearing comfort has always been our priority.” – 22Studio

Key Specs:

  • $350
  • 44mm concrete case
  • SuperLuminova markings
  • Miyota quartz movement
  • Fluoro-rubber strap
  • 30M water resistance

Urbanite style distilled – this watch brings conceptual industrial design to the forefront.

4d2023 look moss 01 sq 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500

The Rocketeer Watch – Retro Icon Reimagined

WatchHeroPhotoCutout 1 fce31fcc feda 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500

Inspired by the iconic comic book character, The Rocketeer Watch pays homage to the retro-futuristic aesthetic of the serial. It has fully embraced design details from the helmet and uniform, down to the tiny rivets.

“We took all our cues from Dave Stevens’ iconic character design to produce something special and unique.” – Okkto

With a 54mm case, prominent crown, and quartz movement encased behind protective mineral crystal, this is more than a mere novelty watch. The showstopper is the sculpted bezel and face meant to evoke The Rocketeer’s helmet, complete with grill, eyes, and air intakes. Tiny design touches like decorative buttons on the leather strap as a stand-in for the aviator jacket brass buttons complete the look.

Key Specs:

  • $140
  • 54mm stainless steel case
  • Hardened mineral crystal
  • Custom crown
  • Miyota Japanese quartz movement
  • Genuine leather strap

Whether you are a die-hard fan of the comic series or simply love the art deco-influenced design, this creatively retro watch is sure to be a conversation starter.

Watch Caseback Target 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500

More Artistic Men’s Watch Picks Under $500

While creativity comes in many forms, these artistic timepieces all reflect bold design choices.

The Argomatic – Retro Futurism

unusual watch under 500002 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500
  • $400
  • Vintage aviation inspired
  • Sapphire crystal exposes Japanese automatic movement
  • Unique ridged case tapered like a ship’s hull
  • Eye-catching seconds hand

Black Hole – Dark Matter Styling

unusual watch under 500001 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500
  • $500
  • Futuristic exploration of cosmic themes
  • Suspended movement components
  • Sapphire crystal treated to refract light
  • Glowing details echo famous image

Switch Sunflower – Tactile Luxury

unusual watch under 500003 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500
  • $360
  • Industry-first interchangeable watchfaces
  • Intricate tactile sunflower design
  • Choose between 2 included watch rings
  • Sleek stainless steel mesh band

Terra Time Gray – Earth Tones

unusual watch under 500004 10 Unusual Watches for Men Under $500
  • $170
  • Nature-inspired topographic contours
  • Gradating shades of gray
  • Sandblasted finishing
  • Daily “land art” piece

Unique Watches for men Under $500

While dropping thousands of dollars on an artistic watch might not suit every budget, these picks show that creativity doesn’t have to mean compromising on craftsmanship. Ranging from retro-influenced elegance to modernist styling to cosmic horizons made wearable, watches transform from mundane timekeeping devices to wearable works of art.

Whether your personal style runs more to urban grit, mid-century nostalgia, subtlety and symbolism, or pushing boundaries with novel concepts, selecting a watch that shows your personality is now easier than ever.

This list of unusual and affordable watches for men under $500 barely scratches the surface of artistic options for men. Are you tempted by a minimalist design, steampunk styling, or avant garde? Share your wish list or favorite brand in the comments!

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