Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III

The Complete Guide to the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III Limited Edition Watch

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III

The world of horology never ceases to surprise and delight with innovative designs that push boundaries. Hamilton’s Jazzmaster Face-2-Face series perfectly encapsulates this spirit with its rotating cases and dual dials – the latest iteration being the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III limited edition. Let’s take an in-depth look at this versatile timepiece.

Introducing the Innovative Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III

Unveiled in 2023, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III carries on the lineage of the distinctive Jazzmaster Face-2-Face models first introduced a decade prior. True to Hamilton’s reputation for blending watchmaking craftsmanship with unconventional American style, the Face-2-Face III features a rotating 44mm stainless steel case with dual analogue dials, encased in a more compact and wearable round shape compared to past oval iterations.

Limited to only 999 pieces worldwide, this novel timepiece sports a classic chronograph on its front dial, while flipping the case reveals an exhibition-style skeleton dial showcasing the inner workings of its automatic movement and pulsometer scale for measuring heart rates. Sophisticated yet surprising, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III demonstrates the brand’s mastery of fusing innovation with tradition.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III Front

Background of the Jazzmaster Face-2-Face Series

Hamilton introduced the peculiar Jazzmaster Face-2-Face concept back in 2013 – comprising an oval case that pivots to reveal dual dials, each boasting an array of timing functions. What appeared on the scene as a niche design won many fans with its practicality of consolidating various complications within a reversible case, at relatively reasonable price points compared to similar watches.

A second-generation Face-2-Face II model followed in 2016, this time integrating different scales for the chronograph on each dial powered by a single movement. The unique Face-2-Face case shape became an iconic symbol of Hamilton’s ability to blend vintage appeal with very modern aesthetics.

Now in 2023, the Jazzmaster Face-2-Face series enters its third chapter, keeping the dual-dial design but streamlining it into a more compact round case to broaden its everyday wearability. Still exclusive as a 999-piece limited edition, the latest Face-2-Face III is a testament to Hamilton’s knack for balancing innovation with classical charm.

hamilton jazzmaster face 2 face iii limited 2023 h32876550 36 4 Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III
Second Face

An Inside Look at the Face-2-Face III Specs and Features

Key specifications of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III:

  • Case: Round 44mm stainless steel, 50mm lug-to-lug length
  • Thickness: 17.25mm (Automatic chronographs tend to be thicker)
  • Crystal: Domed sapphire crystal protects both dials
  • Water Resistance: 5 bar (Can withstand splashes and rain)
  • Movement: Hamilton H-41 automatic chronograph caliber
  • Power Reserve: 60 hours
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, pulsometer, day, and date
  • Strap: Brown patinated leather with blue contrast stitching
  • Availability: Limited to 999 pieces
  • Price: $2,995 USD

Despite its complexity, Hamilton equips this specialty piece with everyday robustness including antimagnetic protection and water resistance. The exhibition caseback gives a peek at the in-house H-41 movement driving all the timing functionality seamlessly across dual dials.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III side

Face-2-Face III Design Details

True to Hamilton’s signature style, the Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III masterfully fuses vintage and contemporary watch design aesthetics. The twisting case echoes mid-century rotating alarm clocks, while angular lugs and chronograph pushers add a modern edge.

The anthracite front dial keeps things classic with its trio of contrasting sub-dials and textured minute ring, finished in shades of blue and silver:

  • Outer minute track with engraved markings
  • 3 overlapping sub-dials for seconds, 30-min, 12-hour timers
  • Leaf-shaped hands and alternating hour indices
  • Chronograph seconds hand colored blue

Flipping the case reveals the avant-garde reverse dial saturated in Hamilton’s iconic blue. Skeletonized to showcase the H-41 automatic movement, displays include:

  • Cut-out rotor and gear train highlighted in silver
  • Circular Côtes de Genève decoration across bridges
  • Pulsometer scale to measure pulse rate
  • Blue hand extending from movement to drive scale
  • Industrial machined aesthetic

This duality of traditional dial contrasting an open-worked technical display encapsulates Hamilton’s essence of merging classic American styles with Swiss ingenuity.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III wrist shot

Functions and Practical Usage

Despite boasting an array of features across its dual clock faces, the Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III maintains intuitive daily wearability. The chronograph can time events up to 12 hours using the sub-dials, while the pulsometer gauge conveniently lets you derive a quick heart rate reading using the blue seconds hand.

The exhibition caseback is also quite functional, allowing you to check the power reserve status indicated on the movement any time. A versatile brown leather strap ensures the Face-2-Face III transitions seamlessly from the office to an evening out. The toughened antimagnetic case construction adds durability for globetrotting users across multiple time zones.

Whether relying on its accurate Swiss chronograph or using the reversible case to impress your peers, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III is built to handle life’s everyday adventures in style.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III

Pros and Cons of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III


  • Innovative revolving case with dual dials
  • Chronograph and pulsometer scales extend functionality
  • Iconic Jazzmaster styling in a more compact size
  • Reliable and accurate Swiss automatic movement
  • Display back showcases decorative hand-finishing
  • Limited edition of 999 pieces worldwide


  • Thicker than average at over 17mm for added complexity
  • Lack of water resistance limits underwater usage
  • Skeletonized dials may not appeal to traditionalists
  • Precise chronograph usage has a learning curve

So for those seeking a conversation-starting timepiece with versatile complications, the versatility and exclusivity of the Face-2-Face III makes it a compelling choice.

hamilton jazzmaster face 2 face iii limited 2023 h32876550 36 3 Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III

FAQs – All Your Questions Answered

Is the Face-2-Face III watch hard to operate?
With just 2 pushers and a swivelling case, it is quite easy to use once you get the hang of it. The chronograph can time up to 12 hours of activity, while the pulsometer hand measures your heartbeat.

What is the difference between the 3 Face-2-Face models?
The original had two movements, the II combined functions into one movement, and the III keeps the single movement but in a round case.

How accurate is the heart rate pulsometer function?
It provides an indication but depends on starting/stopping precisely. Best paired with medical equipment for true accuracy.

What makes this model a limited edition?
Hamilton is only producing 999 total pieces of the Face-2-Face III model, with its own serial numbering from 1 to 999 engraved on the side.

Is the Face-2-Face III scratch resistant?
The domed sapphire crystal protects both dials from scratches and damage very effectively.

So if you have any other questions about functionality, construction or usability, Hamilton has designed the Face-2-Face III to balance complexity with robust daily wearability.

An Exceptional Blend of Innovation and Watchmaking Tradition

In the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III, we can discover a seamless fusion between the old and the new – complex mechanics meet vintage styling; an established Swiss movement powers an unconventional rotating American case; and traditional chronograph design contrasts modern open-worked technical displays.

This masterful blending of innovation with watchmaking tradition continues Hamilton’s journey in pioneering sophisticated technologies like electronic movements in uniquely styled timepieces decade after decade. The Face-2-Face III shows Hamilton is still reinventing how a watch can be worn and used, even 99 years after its founding.

So for the discerning watch collector or simply the gadget-lover looking to reveal some fascinating mechanics from their wrist, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Face-2-Face III delivers impressive versatility and construction in a stylish limited edition form. Its reversibility lets you alternate between precise timekeeping to tracking pulses or timing events at your whim.

Offering such an mechanically advanced watch at an reasonable price point further punctuates Hamilton’s focus on pushing boundaries. As the next evolution of the pioneering Face-2-Face concept, the III edition brings Hamilton’s bold innovative spirit to fans in a more accessible and iconic package that is sure to delight for years to come

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