HM10 bulldog- inspired by man’s best friend

The MB&F HM10 “Bulldog” – A Canine-Inspired Horological Marvel

MB&F, the avant-garde Swiss watchmaker known for its sci-fi inspired Horological Machines, and this is the HM10 “Bulldog” model. Clearly inspired by man’s best friend, this is no ordinary watch but an intricate and imaginative timepiece that truly resembles a futuristic robotic pup.

An Overview of MB&F – Pushing the Boundaries of Watchmaking

Founded in 2005 by Maximilian Büsser, MB&F is all about creating unique 3D mechanical art pieces that tell the time rather than conventional watches. Büsser had previously worked at prestigious brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre and Harry Winston, but wanted the creative freedom to let his imagination run wild. The result is MB&F’s distinctive Horological Machines collection – watches with unusual shapes and designs that often pay homage to Büsser’s love of science fiction.

Some standout qualities of MB&F watches include:

  • Futuristic, spaceship-like designs with rounded and angular shapes
  • Clear inspiration from robots, aircrafts, and other machines
  • Visible movements and regulators
  • Use of materials like titanium, gold, and sapphire crystal
  • Articulated lugs for comfort on the wrist
  • Domed Displays functioning as “eyes” to indicate the time

While criticized by some as being too radical and detached from classic watch design codes, MB&F has garnered a strong following among watch connoisseurs who appreciate the brand’s innovative vision.

Introducing the HM10 Bulldog

The HM10 Bulldog continues MB&F’s creative pedigree. According to founder Max Büsser, the inspiration came to him on a trip to Japan where he visualized a faithful canine companion greeting its owner. The rounded case and compact lugs are thus shaped to resemble the stout but muscular body of a bulldog.

Key Features of the MB&F HM10 Bulldog:

  • Unique bulldog form: The 54mm long, 45mm wide, and 24mm thick case mirrors the wrinkled face and stocky profile of a bulldog
  • Articulated lugs: The spring-loaded lugs attach the watch securely and comfortably to the wrist
  • Domed sapphire crystals: Two highly domed sapphire crystals cover the front and back of the case like bulging eyeballs and create distortion effects
  • Eye-like time displays: The current time is indicated on two rotating aluminum domes, reminiscent of the HM3 “Frog”
  • Visible regulator: A floating 14mm balance wheel hovers above the time domes, highlighting the mechanical animation
  • Hinged jaws: The opening and closing of the hinged jaws in the lower half of the case indicates the remaining power reserve
  • Custom strap: A textured blue calfskin strap with a titanium folding buckle completes the futuristic cyber-dog look

The occasional flashes of metal between the gaps in the jaws resemble a grinning smile full of shiny teeth. It’s a playful element that adds to the creature-like personality of the HM10.

MB&F Puts the “Fun” in Functional

While definitely form over function, the HM10 still tells the time reliably. The hour and minute domes are lined with Super-LumiNova for legibility in low-light conditions. Two crowns allow for winding the movement (left crown) and setting the time (right crown).

The in-house developed engine inside follows MB&F’s design codes with dark plates and bridges contrasting with beveled angles and gold detailing. Powering the mechanical “pup” is a 301 component, 18,000 vph movement with 45 hours of reserve.

Launch Editions and Availability

The HM10 “Bulldog” launches in two distinct editions:

Titanium model

  • Lightweight grade 5 titanium case with blue domes
  • Grey decorative elements
  • Blue textured calfskin strap
  • Price – $105,000 USD

Red gold and titanium model

  • Combination red gold and titanium case with black domes
  • Brown calfskin leather strap
  • More luxurious overall design
  • Price – $120,000 USD

Both editions are currently available at MB&F retailers and are not limited in production numbers.

MB&F Puts a Fresh Spin on Familiar Themes

While noticeably drawing design inspiration from previous successful MB&F watches like the HM3 “Frog” and HM4 with its articulated lugs, the HM10 still succeeds in being surprisingly novel. The visible regulator floating above the rotating time domes and the playful grinning jaw power reserve indicator are entirely new concepts not seen in previous Horological Machines.

Some possible future variations on the HM10 Bulldog theme include:

  • Additional colors and materials like sapphire crystal to show off the mechanical movement
  • Designs based on other dog breeds such as French bulldogs or pugs
  • Integrating added complications like a retractable tongue date pointer

Knowing MB&F’s creativity, even more innovative and daring concepts could be explored within the canine-inspired HM10 platform.

HM10 Ti Profile Lres HM10 bulldog- inspired by man's best friend

The HM10 Delivers Emotional Mechanical Art

While its avant-garde, species-morphing appearance will polarize opinions, there is no denying the incredible craftsmanship and mechanical artistry infused into the HM10 Bulldog. As a high-end artifact of horological imagination rather than a practical time-telling device, it encapsulates MB&F’s core philosophy of eliciting an emotional bond between human and machine.

The life like HM10 bulldog watch will certainly stimulate conversation. For devoted MB&F fans and deep-pocketed watch collectors looking for something beyond ordinary luxury timepieces, this special hand-assembled piece fuses humor, animal magnetism, and technical mastery.

In the world of avant-garde watches populated by MB&F and few others, the vivid and energetic Horological Machine No. 10 “Bulldog” promises to be another future cult classic. This cybernetic canine might just turn out to be MB&F’s best friend.

HM10 Bulldog Ti Engine 01 Lres HM10 bulldog- inspired by man's best friend

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