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The worlds deepest dive watches.

Ultra deep dive watches rated to go down to where the fish need lanterns and the giant squid roam.

William Beebe and Otis Barton. Record breaking dive, 1934.For some people, having watches with these extreme depth ratings is for status, for bragging rights or one-upmanship.

Others appreciate and admire them for the impressive engineering levels they represent; the result of years of dedicated work from a watch making team.

For a watch company these type of extreme deep dive watches are a proof of concept and a brand statement.

Some of these watches are rated to depths beyond the deepest known ocean of 11,033m ! (Challenger Deep) and most of these deep dive watches have been tested to deeper than their ratings in order to offer the 25% safety reserve required by the ISO 6425 divers’ watches standard.

However what these “deep dive watches” do represent are watches that have survived the most rigorous endurance testing, and are therefore seriously tough watches!

If you consider that the pressure at a depth of just 10m already amounts to 10kg per square cm then you have an idea of what they need to withstand at the incredible depths these watches are rated for. For instance at 4,875 metres the pressure exerted upon the watch is equivalent to a force of 4.5 tonnes!

Consequently you can be sure that the engineering tolerances will be high. This is reflected in the design and use of materials, for instance the CX Swiss Military dive watch uses a sapphire crystal that is an astounding 10mm thick!! That’s thicker than a lot of watches!

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