Worlds thinnest watch: CST-01 E ink watch just 0.8mm thin.

thinnest watch cs 013 Worlds thinnest watch: CST-01 E ink watch just 0.8mm thin.
Worlds Thinnest Wristwatch

At just 0.8mm thick (or in this case thin may be more apt) the CST-01 makes the bold and quite believable claim to the crown of world’s thinnest watch.

This e-ink watch is powered by a Micro Energy Cell (MEC)  which can be recharged 10,000 times and lasts for 15 years. Each charge lasts about a month and the watch is recharged in 10 minutes by mounting it on its recharging base station (pictured below).

The CST-01 achieves its extremely low profile by fitting its display, battery and Seiko Epson Microcontroller into a 0.5mm section in the single piece stainless steel band. Weighing a featherlight 12g  it comes in either black or white.

Also in order to achieve its incredible thinness it doesn’t feature any buttons- setting the time is done via the base station.


cst 01 with base Worlds thinnest watch: CST-01 E ink watch just 0.8mm thin.


The CST-01 is a Kickstarter project for which you can place a  $129 pre-order for the watch. The campaign has already reached its $200k goal which means that in theory delivery of these watches will start in September 2013.

Visit the Kickstarter project



  1. I want to book one watch CST-01 E ink watch just 0.8mm thin. by paying advance.
    But I should get the watch delivered by 1st week of December 2104.
    I want an assurance that the watch will be delivered positively.
    Please give me feedback.

    713 589 4472

  2. Hi,
    Are these watches for sale right now and at what price? Do you ship to Europe?

  3. Love the look of this watch, i plan on purchasing THREE of them. I believe they are a perfect watch for my children ages 9,11,13

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