“Death takes no bribes” says new Hajime Asaoka watch

hajime asaoka death front "Death takes no bribes" says new Hajime Asaoka watch
Hajime Asaoka “Death takes no bribes”

This Hajime Asaoka watch is a quirky combination: a Tourbillon mixed with a whimsical horror theme.

Japanese independent watchmaker Hajime Asaoka has teamed up with the artist Takashi Murakami to create this unusual watch. It will appeal to people with an unconventional taste in watches.

It features the inscription “Death takes no bribes” as well as numerous stylized skulls and the names of the watchmaker and artist.

Its an interesting combination, tourbillons are usually found on high end watches and whimsical horror on lower end watches. Still this is a Japanese watch and this may be a more typical mix there.

hajime asaoka caseback "Death takes no bribes" says new Hajime Asaoka watch
Hajime Asaoka caseback


The minute hand forms a serpentine shape and the hour hand is sword-like in shape and enclosed in a round stainless steel case 42mm in diameter and 9.4mm in thickness. Inside the case beats a manual winding movement, caliber T1001.

For more information about the Hajime Asaoka watch you can visit his site (in English) here

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