Sinn UX. Submarine steel case and phenomenal water resistance.

Sinn UX
Sinn UX

German watchmakers Sinn use Submarine Steel for the watch case of the Sinn UX and to further toughen this it is hardened using a special process called “Tegimenting”.

After the steel has gone through this process it has a hardness of 1200 Vickers, what does that mean? Well, steel typically has a hardness of 220 Vickers so its nearly 6 times tougher.

Furthering its status as a tough watch is its phenomenal water resistance, being rated to a depth of 12,000 meters!

The Sinn UX uses a case filled with incompressible silicone oil to protect the quartz movement from pressure and Sinn states that its is completely “seawater-resistant”. Also functionally reliable at temperatures from -20c to + 60c

The German GSG 9 special forces unit, famous for their rescue of the hijacked “Landshut” aircraft on October 18, 1977 chose the UX as their Official service watch for use by their maritime unit on its missions.

For more information about the watch and the company visit Sinn

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