Rogue Warrior. Special combat watch built to high spec.


Rogue warrior watches were created by retired Commander Richard Marcinko aka the “Rogue Warrior” . He wanted a tough watch built for him that was capable of withstanding the extreme rigors of any combat environment. He had a very specific set of requirements he wanted met.

Marcinko’s requirements were that the watch dial be easily read in all types of lighting situations; that the movement must have the best shock protection available and finally that condensation will not form inside of the watch. All at a price the average soldier could afford.

To satisfy these requirements innovative cutting edge solutions were used. Making an easily readable dial in all lighting conditions involved combining a set of hands and numerals together that made for a design that could be quickly and easily read.

While making the watch easy to read in low or no light situations Super Luminova was applied to the dial. The watch was also filled with Krypton gas to prevent condensation from forming inside the watch. These are the only watches in the world to combine Krypton gas and Super Luminova lume to create what is known as the Kryptolite dial.

In order to have the best shock protection available a relatively new nano material developed by the British Army called d30 was used to encase the movement. The material is a soft foam-like material that when impacted becomes hard and rigid. Also protecting the watch from impact is a 4mm mineral crystal, used for its greater impact resistance than sapphire crystal, two solid steel bars add further protection. Read more at the Rogue Warrior site

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