Ball “Engineer Hydrocarbon”. Shock resistant to 7,500 G’s

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon

Although  a non-military watch, the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon is a very tough watch with some formidable technical features.

Ball are famous for supplying watches for the American Railroads and their company motto is: “Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions”

Ball watches are aimed at explorers and adventurers as well as those just generally in need of a tough watch.

The case is specially constructed to protect the movement from magnetic fields and to be shock resistant. It’s made from Titanium coated with Diamond-Like Carbon and specially equipped with an antimagnetic soft iron inner jacket and undergone rigorous impact tests to ensure shock resistance of 7,500G’s.

Some of the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon’s  features include:

* Certified cosc chronometer cold temperature endurance to -40 c .
* 7,500G shock resistance
* 12000A/m of magnetism resistance
* Water resistant to 100m
* Tritium tubes on hands (including the GMT hand) and dial.

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