CX Swiss Military Watch : World Record Holder.

CX Swiss Military Watch

The CX Swiss Military Watch is  an incredibly tough dive watch  that currently holds the world record for water resistance for a mechanical dive watch certified to a depth of 20,000 Feet.

In order to prove its toughness the manufacturers decided to invite consumers to come up with some test ideas for the watch and subjected it to some brutal real-world testing.

Its first round of punishment was to be blasted with 6,000 liters of water from the powerful water hose of a 40 ton fire engine.

Having withstood this, it was then run over by a truck, shot with a shotgun.and if that wasn’t abuse enough it was then subjected to two huge explosions.

It survived all this torment intact and functional!

Some of its features include a sapphire crystal that is a phenomenal 10mm thick!! A Solid titanium case and bracelet, the watches diameter is 46.0mm, thickness 28.5mm, weight 265gr total.

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