HD3 Slyde – switch dials or even upload your own dial design.

HD3 Slyde
HD3 Slyde

Due out in September 2011 the latest watch from HD3 is strikingly modern in appearance and ingenious in function called the HD3 Slyde

It features a touch screen display that can switch between different dial designs.

By connecting to a computer via usb you will have the ability to upload newly designed watch dials from famous watch designers including Jorg Hysek (the founder of HD3 Complication).

If that isn’t cool enough you can also design your own watch dials, upload and use them. The HD3 Slyde is so versatile that the possibilities are endless. Amongst other functions it also includes chronograph, moonphase and calendar but appears to be almost limitlessly customisable.

Since the Slyde is touch screen it features no buttons adding to its sleek futuristic appearance, and is available in Titanium and PVD black with leather and rubber straps.

The watch is charged by usb using a docking sysytem and the battery charge is slated to last about a week through average use. Battery indicators are situated on the side of the watch and the brightness of the LCD screen is automatically adjusted using sensors. There will also be the possibility of hardware upgrades in the future.

Expected retail price of the HD3 Slyde is about $5000.
Source HD3

HD3 Slyde
HD3 Slyde
Slyde Video Teaser


  1. Bonjour,
    j’ai acheté une montre HD3 Slyde que je trouve superbe…Le problème est que pour parametrer la montre il faut un logiciel du nom de slyder mais que je ne trouve nul part!
    Le lien indiqué par le constructeur ouvre une page en japonais d’un site de jeux sportif!
    quelqu’un pourrez m’aider en me disant ou je peux trouver ce logiciel?

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