China’s first female astronaut wears Fiyta space watch

fiyta space watch China's first female astronaut wears Fiyta space watch
Fiyta Female Astronauts Watch

On Saturday China’s first female astronaut went into space aboard the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft.

The mission is to dock with an orbiting station, the latest part of an ambitious programme to go to the moon and then on to Mars.

Fiyta’s Aeronautics Collection served as timekeeper for the space mission again.

Fiyta is the only supplier of space watches to the China Astronaut Research and Training Center and over the past few years, Fiyta’s Aeronautics Collection has accompanied astronauts during space flights.

This Fiyta space watch is very different from the much more plain and utilitarian looking Spacemaster watch by Fiyta that I wrote about here. This watch is very decorative and looks more like a formal dress watch than a space watch. Apparently it has, according to the press release “undergone stringent cold and heat tests in the weightlessness of outer space”

The dial uses enamel and the design takes its inspiration from the “Flying Apsaras” in the Dunhuang frescoes. Asparas are ethereal beings who inhabit the skies, similar to angels.

Whether this will become available to buy by the general public is not known yet.

For more information on this Fiyta Space watch heres their website.

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