Arrive Fashionably late with the “ish watch”.

Ish watch
The ish watch. Humorous comment.

The “ish” watch, also sometimes called “Indian stretchable Time” is a watch that makes a humorous comment on Indian scheduling.

Based on the idea that Indians often tend to be late due to a multitude of reasons ranging from political demonstrations, bad road conditions to simply herds of cattle blocking the way.

So there is a tendency to make appointments by adding ‘ish’ to the intended time, “I’ll meet you at 8 ish” for example.

As the packaging (which is very nice) says :  “because in India time is not a science but an art”

ish watch 2 Arrive Fashionably late with the "ish watch".
With packaging.

So the watch displays no numerals but ‘3ish’, ‘6ish’ ‘9ish’ and ’12ish’ which have also been offset slightly.

The Ish Watch is being made by Mumbai-based ad and design agency Hyphen.

Hyphen’s Prasanna Sankhe says, “We took this life insight and added some dark humour to it to produce a great design opportunity.”

“We’re merely observing something that’s already part of our culture. We can’t deny it. Instead of getting offended, we ought to change it.”

Priced around $50 you can find more info on the Ish Watch at the brands Facebook page

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