Omega Speedmaster Pro. First watch worn on the moon.

omega speedmaster pro
Probably the most famous of all Space watches, the Omega Speedmaster was qualified by NASA in 1965 for all manned space missions. It was the first watch to be worn on the moon when Buzz Aldrin famously landed there in 1969.

Early in the 1960’s a NASA employee anonymously bought a selection of potential space watches.
These were chronographs by the most well known watch brands, the Omega Speedmaster was the only one to pass its stringent tests.

In April 1970 the Apollo 13 suffered an electrical fault which caused one of the two oxygen tanks to explode resulting in the loss of oxygen as well as electrical power. The Speedmaster played a part in rescuing the mission by being used as a timer.

The original mechanically powered Speedmaster has since been replaced by the newer quartz driven X-33 for space missions which can also display GMT time.

Although, the Speedmaster Professional remains the only watch certified for extra-vehicular activity.


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