Arm yourself against werewolves with Artya watch

Artya Werewolf Watch

Arm yourself against Werewolves with the Artya Werewolf Watch, a new addition to Artya‘s “son of a gun” range of watches.

The Son of A Gun Werewolf features two silver, hand engraved bullets that were, according to Artya forged during a full moon and also for good measure rubbed in Garlic.

Artya are an avant garde brand set up by  Yvan Arpa who used to work at Romain Jerome. They create unique artistically designed pieces one of their more famous models are the ones that have been “struck by lightning” causing them to be etched by electricity and giving the cases a unique look to them. I previously wrote about the Son of a gun here.

Price: $8287.00

See more shots of the Artya Werewolf Watch on Artya’s Facebook page

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  1. […] Son of a Gun collection often uses bullets in its watches for instance the Son of a Gun Werewolf model came with two silver bullets, which had been forged during a full moon and rubbed in garlic […]

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