New compass watch model the ‘Downhill GT’ from Aspen Watches


Avoid getting lost on the piste with this Aspen watch the  Downhill GT , a new version of the Aspen One Compass watch.

Aspen Watches are a Swiss luxury watch brand specializing in Ski- themed watches, and are named after the Colorado ski resort.

The Aspen One Collection is limited to 3,267 pieces total, which also represents the elevation of Mount Aspen from base to peak.

After purchasing an Aspen Watch owners receive an inscription on a monument on top of the mountain as well as a “unique virtual elevation number” and their name inscribed on the watch.

This new variation, the Downhill GT still features the signature hinged case with compass inside but uses a gold inner case and a titanium outer one to keep the overall weight down.

The compass is a Swiss Trek floating disc type and features Aspen area indications and height resistant glass (HR 900).

It comes with two straps, one calf-skin for skiing and one alligator strap for après-ski. The straps use a special patented “ski-binding technique” that makes it easy to change them.

The chronograph movement is caliber ETA 2894-2 that is temperature resistant to 50 ̊C – 122 ̊F and water-resistant to 30 meters. The automatic movement uses a special custom rotor and can be seen through the sapphire exhibition window in the 45mm case. Sapphire glass is used on the front and inside.

Included with the watch are a pair of specially designed deerskin ski gloves from Castelijn & Beerens which have an opening which allows full view of the watch.

Retail $25,870

gloves1 New compass watch model the 'Downhill GT' from Aspen Watches
Custom Made Gloves Included


  1. I absolutely love this watch. If I was a millionaire and could drop as much money as I would spend on a car, on a watch, I would buy this watch. I have been a quest for years to find something just like it. I love that it has the duality of the watch and the compass combined into one unique item. I love the fact that the compass is a hidden feature. I love that it is extremely purposeful combination. The analog timing and the magnetic compass are timeless and they will never become outdated. I wish I could find this watch in my price range of several hundred dollars instead of 26,000. If anyone could direct me to who still sells something like this it would be amazing.

  2. Did you ever find one like this..with hidden compass? I’ve also been trying to find one in the 100’s price range…not thousands.

  3. I bought one years ago for about £20 with a quartz watch face that folded out to uncover a decent mechanical compass, but I left it behind in a hostel and couldn’t locate anything like it to replace it. It had a bronze bezel and brown leather strap, from a gift shop in a mall in the Meadowhall mall in Sheffield . It’s surprising there are now such a vast number of frivolous variations on watches with not a single one with a mechanical compass , and it was very very useful.

  4. That’s my dream watch the look is awesome and smooth at the same time

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