Xeric Leadfoot driver’s watch pays tribute to muscle cars

xeric leadfootWith the Xeric Leadfoot Automatic the brand set out to create a unique timepiece that pays tribute to the iconic cars of the ’60s and ’70s.

The Xeric Leadfoot is a drivers watch that blends the bold style and colors of the muscle car era but combined with the sophistacted contemporary watchmaking


With a design that challenges traditional watchmaking the Xeric Leadfoot features a side-viewing display so that time can be read when your hands are on the steering wheel.

The two side dials can be used to display different time zones – home time and destination time for example. The large top dial also displays the time but in a one-handed Soloscope-style – the hand encircles the hour while pointing to the minutes as it moves along the timing arcs.

xeric Leadfoot driver watch3 Xeric Leadfoot driver's watch pays tribute to muscle cars

The mechanical movement inside is a highly regarded Miyota 9-series automatic movement known for being very accurate and reliable, it features sapphire glass and a Horween leather strap.

On the top, just below the main time display is a fuel gauge styled display that shows the power reserve.

1969 was an auspicious year for muscle cars, and so in tribute to that the Xeric Leadfoot  is released in a limited dition of 69 pieces.
Price is $1000 but there is a $400 discount available on their website and is available in seven different colours.

xeric Leadfoot driver watch2 Xeric Leadfoot driver's watch pays tribute to muscle cars

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