Sealed Watch uses wax for the dial.

sealed watch 1 Sealed Watch uses wax for the dial.
Sealed Watch

If you like the idea of being more involved in a watch`s design process then the novel “Sealed Watch” featuring a sealing wax dial might appeal to you.

Its produced by the quirkily named company ‘Be Optimistic and Thankful’ or BOAT for short.

As watches become more and more technologically advanced it makes a change to see a watch that utilizes such an old fashioned technique as stamped sealing wax.  Despite this the watch design in contrast is very modern featuring a minimalistic stainless steel case.

sealed watch 2 Sealed Watch uses wax for the dial.
Orange Face Version

The wax gives the dial a uniquely textured look and is available in a choice of seven different colours along with similar choices for the hands, bezel and strap giving you an array of customization options.

Given the watch face material it may be wise to avoid excessive heat or you might experience a horological meltdown!

The Sealed Watch is priced at $85

Find more about it at their website.


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