Pirelli Watch has brake design and racing slick strap.

Pirelli Disk O
Pirelli watch Pirelli Disk O

More famous for their tires than watches Pirelli have used a design clearly influenced by the automobile.

Its easy to see that disc brakes were the inspiration behind this timepiece and is implied in its Disk O name.

The bezel which is constructed from anodized aluminum rotates through the “caliper” just like a real brake disc and can be ordered in different coloured anodized versions of red, yellow, black or steel gray.

The rubber strap is styled like Pirelli’s F1 racing slicks.

Pirelli watch more info :Link


  1. Hi there,
    I would like to know if you know where can i Buy one of this, thanks!


  2. Hi Liran, thanks for visiting Unique watch guide, Im sorry but I dont know where to buy this, good luck with your search!


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