Cyrus Klepcys features color coded retrograde hour hand.

Cyrus Klepcys
Cyrus Klepcys

The new Cyrus Klepcys from Cyrus pays homage to the Mesopotamia city state of Babylon.

The Klepcys has a complicated looking dial which features a retrograde hour hand that changes colour depending on what time of day or night it is as it rotates through its 180 degrees. It also has a nice 3D moonphase indicator with realistic craters.

In an imposing 48mm case which comes in either 18-carat red gold or 18-carat grey gold in combination with DLC coated titanium.



  1. This is by far one of the most complicated watch I have ever seen !
    Congratulations to the brand that created this timepiece.

  2. I love this moon complication it looks very well defined. I think it is one of the most complete moon complication that you can find today.

  3. I like watches that offer a very different way to look at time, this one is really great!

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