Ochs and Junior Moonphase is worlds most accurate

Ochs and Junior Moonphase watch Selene
Ochs and Junior Moonphase

The new Ochs and Junior Moonphase model Selene has the worlds most accurate moonphase to be featured in a wristwatch.
It will be off by one day in 3,478 years. Not only that but it is so very simply constructed using just 5 moving parts.

Typically a conventional moonphase calculation is off by one day after two years and more precise moonphases by one day after 122,500 years.

It features a minimalistic design with no numerals or logo on the dial. The hand patinated brass dial uses an antique sculpture resoration process which turns its colour dark grey.
Each Ochs and junior moon-phase watch is unique due to the natural differences that occur in the hand-patination and satination processes.

Ochs and Junior Moonphase watch Selene Front angle
Minimalistic design

Apparently the accuracy and simplicity of the Ochs and junior moon-phase is achieved through designer Ludwig Oechslin’s “extreme reduction in parts by using rigorous mathematics and epicyclic gearing instead of the conventional watchmaking solution of levers and springs”

In times where watches are being pushed to greater and greater levels of complexity its refreshing to see watches whose goal is radical simplification.

It comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts including moon phase gears, case, dial,crown, and buckle.

Technical information below.

Ochs and Junior Moonphase Dial explanation
Ochs and Junior Moonphase Dial


• Model: Selene
•39mm or 42mm
•Titanium case, crown and buckle (also available in silver)
•5 part moon phase function by Ludwig Oechslin
•All dial components executed in hand-patinated or satinated brass
•Custom color options also available online
•Base movement: ETA 2824-2

Price: 8000 CHF in titanium, 10,000 CHF in silver (incl. 8% Swiss VAT)


  1. Very cool concept. I’m not sure that I care for the look of the dial. Maybe a little too Steampunk for me, but if I saw one in person, I might change my mind. I’ve always been taken by quality watches that display the actual current phase of the moon, not what some are trying to market, which do nothing more than indicate whether it’s night or day.

  2. I would like to view your moon phase watch in London where is this possible

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