MCT Sequential One. Prism display system.

MCT Sequential One

MCT Sequential One

Source: MCT

The Sequential One is MCT’s (Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps) first watch, another young Swiss company founded in 2007. They describe themselves as making timepieces that “challenge perceptions in the world of luxury watchmaking and consider ourselves to be in the vanguard of a new wave of exciting Swiss watchmakers.”

Their plan is to create 50 Sequential One timepieces per year for the next 8 years.

The Sequential One features their patented prism display system (see the video to see it in action – its very impressive) and uses their own in-house built movement, called the ‘Jumping Sequential Hour’.

The Sequential One movement is hand wound and made from 471 parts, requiring formidable technical mastery. Its rare for a Swiss watchmaker to create its own mechanical movement, Denis Giguet founder and leader of the watchmaking team explains :

“I aim to change the face of time” by using new and quite unique movements and visual displays, always featuring a large and distinctive Hour indicator. Many expensive watches have appeared with weird and wonderful designs but they often have very little functionality. Our customers tell us that they now want to buy “real” watches, not pure objects of fantasy.”

MCT Sequential OneThe innovative display has an intricate and delicate quality, a beautiful touch is the sliver of Sapphire Crystal sandwiched into the rectangular case of the watch.

Below is a video showing the Sequential One and its unique display, to understand how to read it here is a quote from the press release:

The hour is presented on a series of 5 triangular prisms in four different positions. Minutes are indicated by the 18 carat Minute hand which has either a white or red flash, depending on the choice of gold watch case. When the minute hand reaches 60, the delicate sapphire crystal Minute dial springs anti-clockwise 90°, to reveal the next hour. Without moving, the Minute hand is now automatically reset at 0 minutes, ready to begin another 60 minute cycle.

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