Cabestan Ferrari: Ferrari watch, Ferrari price.

Cabestan Ferrari
Cabestan Ferrari “Scuderia One”

Pictured above is the pre-production rendering of the next Ferrari timepiece, the Cabestan “Scuderia One”

The Scuderia Ferrari team has been participating in Formula 1 for 60 years, the longest of any teams. To celebrate this, watchmakers Cabestan has partnered with Ferrari.

Renowned watch designer Jean-Francois Ruchonnet has based the “Scuderia One” on previous designs for Cabestan and uses the vertical Tourbillon.

Hand finished it utilizes Formula 1 materials used in Ferrari motor racing cars; special magnesium alloy was used to mimic the appearance of Ferrari wheels and lug nuts on the sides of the watch, carbon fibre on the interior of the watch which is redolent of an F1 engine with visible cam belts and gear trains.

This innovatively designed watch perfectly represents the mystique of Ferrari and F1.

At $300,000 its for Ferrari clients only though.

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