MB&F Thunderbolt. Aviation inspired “Horological Machine”

Source: MB&F
MB&F Thunderbolt

MB&F had been wanting to create an aviation inspired “Horological Machine” especially since Max Busser (the MB part of the name) has had a life long fascination with aeronautics since he was a child building them as models.

The main inspiration according to MB&F is the A-10 plane – “Thunderbolt” is one of its nicknames -the top-mounted jet engines providing visual design cues.The jet-turbine design influences are obvious from the moment you set eyes on it.

The 311 piece movement took three years to develop and the Titanium case, measuring 54mm wide x 52mm long x 24mm high, is quite possibly the most complex watch case created so far.

The back of the case needed 60 hours of polishing while the sapphire case sections a further 150 hours of polishing and machining.

As Max Busser remarks in the press release it was the greatest horological challenge that he and partner Serge Kriknoff had attempted in their 20 year careers in the watchmaking business.

We’re certainly glad they made the effort since the end result is a fantastic creation.



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