A watch that doesn’t tell you the time: the Haldimann H8.

Haldimann H8

Haldimann clocks and watches are all individual and unique pieces, they are all made in-house (except for crystals and straps). Their philosophy is “to focus on the essence, and above all on simplification”

With the Haldimann H8 this philosophy has been takento a radical and uncompromising conclusion, creating a timepiece that has been reduced down to a Tourbillon alone. Its full name is H8 “Flying Sculptura” and its a sculpture for the wrist and symbolizes their concept of reduction.

“A creation is brilliant when it is reduced to its core elements” states Beat Haldimann and the “H8 embodies our efforts to focus on the essential”.

The Tourbillon is the central focus, according to Haldimann the Tourbillons from pocket watches of very important watchmakers made a special sound and Haldimann recreates this with their watches.
Haldimann H8There are design similarities with Haldimanns other H models, the Crystal though is more highly domed in order that you may better appreciate the mechanical beauty of the Tourbillon.

The H8 is regulated for accuracy just as other Haldimann watches despite having no hands, the Tourbillon making its typical 1 revolution per minute.

The Haldimann H8 gives you a feeling of time advancing without exactly telling you. Its a daring and also controversial design that will divide opinions, there’s no doubting its beauty though.

Source: Haldimann

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