Phone watch by LG


Since these LG watch phones, (along with walkie talkie watches) are as close as it gets to a modern day ‘Dick Tracy watch’ it seems a good place to start the article.

Featuring a touch screen that you swipe much like the Iphone the watch supports stereo bluetooth so you can make calls or listen to the built in mp3 player with the bluetooth headset provided, but its also equipped with a decent speaker.

Its basic functionality is similar to a regular phone with the choice of either voice or video call and texting. You can also change the display to a watch face with a choice of 8 different styles .

Here are list of its features: built-in camera, built-in speaker, Bluetooth, voice recognition system, mp3 player, it works as a diary and a scheduler, can read back your text messages and naturally tells the time.

Company Website: Link
Price: $800

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