Turn your lights on/off with your Pebble watch and Spark.

Pebble Watch
Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble is a soon to be released, highly customizeable Smartwatch using e-paper technology.

It features a 144 × 168 pixel e-paper display with backlight and three axis accelerometer.
Using Bluetooth 4.0 its capable of communicationg with iPhones and Android devices and has a battery that is expected to last about a week for each charge.



Spark is a special socket that connects lights to the internet for control from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Spark gives you the capability to interact with your lights so by using an app you can for example have your lights turn on or off, dim or even have them slowly turn on in the morning as a sunrise alarm clock, or control them for security purposes while away on holiday.

Its been announced that these two devices can work together enabling the wearer of the Pebble watch to control their lights via the Socket technology.


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