Diesel Faceless watch: DZ9044

The Diesel Faceless watch could be the watch for those who hate to be predictable.
Where typically you’d expect to find the watches face, the DZ9044 intriguingly features..nothing.

Diesel DZ90442
Diesel DZ9044

You soon realise you can in fact tell the time with this watch by looking at its sides rather than its top.

There you find two tiny watches on either side, allowing you to display four different time zones.

With a faceless identity this slick looking, minimalistic watch by Diesel could be the ultimate incognito watch.


Source: Diesel


  1. Iwant to buy this Diesel DZ9044. Where can i buy it?

  2. Unfortunately I think its been discontinued so your best bet would ebay..

  3. I have one of these for sale if any one still wants……has a scratch on the face but can provide pictures if you want

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