Crazy steampunk watch creations from Japanese designer.

Plotclock steampunk watch
The Automaton steampunk watch

A new steampunk watch was recently created by Japanese designer FRISK_P whose mission statement is “to make wristwatches that nobody else makes”. And she certainly creates unique watches, even outrageous ones! I can imagine these being used in some retro-futuristic movie.

In terms of practicality these watches are definitely not, however in terms of style they are completely wacky, and besides since when has steampunk ever been about practicality?! Steampunk for those unaware is a style inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

The “Automaton” Steampunk watch above is the follow up watch to the propeller steampunk watch pictured below.

This watch features a quill that actually writes out the time and then erases it! It is best seen to really appreciate this mechanical marvel.

From what I understand 3D CAD software was used to design these watches and the parts were made using a 3D printer.

For the Automaton steampunk watch a microcomputer board along with three servo-motors were utilised for its construction.

The “propeller steampunk” watch creates a digital holographic style display. I believe it uses a USB fan with LED lamps attached which when turned on give the illusion of a suspended analogue clock.

More of the designer Frisk_P creations can be seen on her youtube channel here



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