Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave

Citizen Satellite Wave
Citizen Satellite Wave

The new Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave  is a cool futuristic watch that gets its time data from outer space using a totally new timekeeping system.

The watch is phenomenally accurate as it synchronises its time with the 24 satellites that circle the globe 20,000 kilometers above the earth.
These satellites use atomic time and the watch picks up the day, date and time through signals the satellites emit.

The Citizen Satellite Wave has a futuristic edge to it with its extensive use of bright green nuances and design touches. Citizen plays up the spaceage aspects to the watch in its press release, stating that “The metal ring embedded in the glass bezel seems to float in outer space, like a satellite in planetary orbit.”

A spiral design motif encircles the bezel and is also according to Citizen intended to be suggestive of the radio waves that link the watch with outer space. The three dimensional aspects of the watch dial design are intended to be evocative of spaceship engines.

Pushing the theme even further Citizen even teamed up with the makers of the Japanese animated science fiction film series “Appleseed” and an animated version of the watch is featured in the film.

The Citizen Satellite Wave is similar in idea to an atomic watch which connects to Atomic clocks by radio signals, but Atomic watches are limited by the location of atomic clocks only in Europe, Japan, China and the US- outside of those areas you are unable to synchronise your watch.

These 24 satellites are also used for gps so if you’re familar with that technology you will know that the only drawback is that you can’t get a signal indoors.

Furthering the watches high tech, low maintenance credentials is its use of the eco-drive system to power the watch purely by way of light. It also features worldtime for 26 cities and a Ceramic and Stainless Steel Case.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave  is due for a limited release in September 2011.

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