Breva Genie 03 is first watch with functional speedometer

Breva Genie 03
Breva Genie 03


The Breva Genie 03 is the world’s first-ever wristwatch with a functional speedometer.

This is the third watch from Breva to feature their signature complication – a scientific instruments that monitor the wearer’s environment. The previous two, the Génie 01 and Génie 02 had Barometer and Altimeter complications.

Breva Genie 03 Back
Breva Genie 03 Back

Before the Genie 03 calculating the air speed with a watch was done using the sweep hand or chronograph functions and an engraved scale marked in miles or kilometers per hour. A drawback of this kind of measurement was its lack of real-time indication that constantly refreshed.

The speedometer is normally recessed and protected inside the case, however pressing the screw-down crown at the 2 o’clock position makes it pops up to reveal  some hemispherical alloy Robinson cups – the classic device for measuring wind speed. The speed indication is done with a red hand that points to a scale marked from 20 to 200 kilometers per hour or from 10 to 125 miles per hour.


The Genie 03 features a the time-only movement displaying the hours, minutes and running seconds on the sapphire sub-dial at the 7 o’clock position, a new automatic movement was developed for use in the 03: Caliber BRE03.000, is Breva’s first in-house designed and manufactured movement, as the brand has moved most of its production in-house.

The Genie 03 comes in a 45.20 by 17.50 millimeter titanium case (including the speedometer in its closed position) and is priced at 48,800 Swiss Francs or about $56,800

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