Volna Volnatomic Liquid Tourbillon

Volna Volnatomic Liquid Tourbillon
Volna Volnatomic Liquid Tourbillon

The Volna Volnatomic Liquid Tourbillon is a stunning creation that is visually fascinating and features Cold War inspired shapes resembling cut-out bridges, high-powered tanks, and an atomic reactor.

This is a watch that can really be appreciated in the dark, yellow paint adorns the watch face containing Super-LumiNova pigment, reminiscent of uranium storage pools and two vials of blue liquid are embedded in the movement and visible at the side of the watch through the sapphire crystal.

The “tanks” embedded in the face contain blue fluid. In the dark, the paint and fluid illuminate the face like a carnival of symbols, simulating the dangerous, glowing interior of a Cold War-era nuclear submarine. The little yellow man with the arrow comes alive during the winding and setting of the watch.

The cold war theme of the Volna Volnatomic is probably due to the watches Russian designer Yvan Arpa. The hand wound movement features a 72 hour power reserve and is housed in a PVD titanium case of diameter 46.5mm.

Source:Link [company dissolved]

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