Miki Eleta TIMEBURNER – An Internal Combustion Engine for the wrist.

Miki Eleta Timeburner
Miki Eleta Timeburner

The Timeburner is an unusual watch that is inspired by Miki Eleta’s passion for the earliest internal combustion engines and is designed as a tribute to them.

The celebrated master timepiece maker and kinetic artist based in Switzerland whose dream is to “make unimaginable mechanical art a reality” collaborated with independent watch maker Marc Jenni to create the Timeburner.

Hours are displayed at the bottom of the dial through an aperture, nothing too out of the ordinary however the method for displaying minutes is where it gets more unusual, using a piston at the nine o’clock position, moving in and out along the straight measure to the left of the dial.

“Just like an engine transforms chemical energy (petrol) into mechanical energy (movement); TIMEBURNER converts the owner’s ignition and winding of the spark plug (crown) into mechanical movement and drives the piston along a non-linear time scale. This piston replaces the hands in the role of telling the time.”

The TIMEBURNER will be offered in three different versions: Silverlight ME1, Chrome-Rider ME2 and All-Black ME3. Each model is limited to 99 pieces; and each piece offers the possibility of a personalised licence plate.

More information can be had at the Timeburner website





Case: titanium with 3 sapphire crystals

Bezel and crown: untreated bronze

Finishing: bead blasted

Dimensions: 48mm wide

Water resistance: 3 ATM

Licence plate: uniquely numbered


Winding: manual, bidirectional

Functions: hour and minutes

Movement: Unitas cal. 6497-1 modified by Marc Jenni

Finishing: ground surface with bead blasted cut-outs and


Coating: Rhodium plated

Piston: Aluminium with black indication line

Rod & crankshaft: Rhodium plated coating on bead blasted

brass with 1 jewel

Power reserve: 46 hours

Jewels: 18

Frequency: 18’000 v/h


ME1 : Silver plated           ME2 & ME3 : Black chrome plated


ME1 : Brown buffalo           ME2 & ME3 : Black buffalo


Stainless steel 316L

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