Mechanical Mystery: Thomas Prescher double axis tourbillon

Thomas Prescher

Prescher is one of the top makers of single and multi-axis Tourbillons which are usually the focal point of his watches.

At first glance its hard to fathom just how this timepiece is powered since there appears to be no apparent connection between thhe display and the movement. Its no wonder therefore that Thomas Prescher decided to describe it as a “mysterious kinetic Sculpture” .

The reason is that the “Double Axis Tourbillon” cleverly hides its movement in the left and right sides of the case, giving the watch an intriguing and minimalistic appearance. Its an appearance that belies the complex mechanics hidden away.

The time is displayed by the two discs at the top, with a 3d moonphase indicator inbetween. At the bottom two dials showing the date have been integrated into the oscillating weight (see the video for a clearer understanding)