Sleep watch by Sleeptracker


Alarm clocks can make you feel sluggish because they usually go off when you’re in the middle of a sleep phase in which your body would not normally wake up. The Sleeptracker watch monitors your body’s sleep cycles and continuously looks for the optimal time, an “almost-awake” moment to wake you so that you feel refreshed.

From the reviews we read this gadget watch does what it says on the box and will wake people feeling energized, however it doesn’t seem to work for everyone and it seems dependent on the type of sleeper the person is, heavy, light and so on.

According to the makers, the watch is: “ideal for anyone who wants to wake up alert and ready to start the day, such as frequent travelers across time zones, business people looking for an extra edge, students with fluctuating schedules, or busy moms who need to wake up easily.”

Price: $120