Geek watch: Databank Calculator watch

Databank Calculator watch by casio

Casio TV Remote & Calculator watch

With the Databank Calculator watch you won’t have to worry that the remote has slipped down the back of the couch again because you will always be in control with this programmable watch remote.

It comes equipped with an infra-red ‘learning’ function so that most remotes can be ‘learned’ and programmed to any button. This makes it easy to not only control the Telly but also the fwd, rev, rec, stop functions on the VCR or the settings on the matter transporter or whatever remotely controlled modern appliance you may have.

It also comes with pre-programmed TV settings, and some people have reported that its good fun being able control the TV in the local bar or restaurant you’re visiting; when you don’t like the selected channel you can sneakily change it, or even lower the volume!

Batteries last about 2 years under typical use and it functions within a 5 meters radius. Model CMD40B-1Z pictured also comes with an 8-digital calculator and day-date-and-month calendar functions.

Databank Calculator watch Company Website: Link

Price: $50


  1. I would like to buy the following:
    Casio TV Remote & Calculator watch

    how do I do that?

  2. It is a nice watch. I have ever bought it sometime in 2000. How can i get it in Uganda at a cheap price.

    contract me on +256772698254.

    I will be grateful to hear from you.


  3. i will love to have this wrist watch my phone 234063685441. i am at Nigeria

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