Futuristic watch from Romain Jerome evokes Bladerunner

Romain Jerome Spacecraft
Romain Jerome Spacecraft front

Coming to you directly from the current trend for retro-futuristic Haute Horlogerie Romain Jerome has just lifted the veil on its first pilot watch: the Romain Jerome Spacecraft.

Often drawing its inspiration from steam-punk, highlighted by its Titanic model,  this time rather than drawing inspiration from a bygone era their new watch evokes scenes from Blade Runner.

It features a titanium trapezium shaped case and an extraordinary caliber designed by renowned watchmakers: Eric Giroud and Wiederrecht.

Romain Jerome Spacecraft side view
Romain Jerome Spacecraft side

The goal for the design was to create an unusual shaped case which might contain an equally unprecedented mechanical movement.

To meet this challenge Manuel Emch, CEO of Romain Jerome chose to partner with two notable figures of watchmaking: Eric Giroud and Wiederrecht.

The three men then gathered their ideas and creativity … to give birth to a unique timepiece, the Romain Jerome Spacecraft.

Romain Jerome Spacecraft back view
Romain Jerome Spacecraft back

The case measures 50 x 44.5 x 18.5 mm and is PVD coated its profile and faceted surface remind us of spaceships from 70’s and 80’s sci-fi movies. The clean lines of its body hide a complex movement inside.

A linear display shows hours on the side using a a jumping retrograde complication while minutes can be seen via a rotating disc on top of the watch.  The time setting is done by means of a screw-down crown at 12 o’clock.

“The combination of these functions, linear hour, jumping and retrograde, is unprecedented,” says Wiederrecht

The Romain Jerome Spacecraft will be an edition of 99 pieces and retail for  21,900 Swiss Francs.  Check out Romain Jerome for more information.


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  1. How can I purchase this Romain Jerome Spacecraft watch and what is the cost of such a cool watch?

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