Luminox Navy Seal. Armed forces choice.

Luminox Navy Seal

First introduced in 1994, the Luminox Navy Seal is the watch that made Luminox famous.

Asked to find a more reliable watch for night missions, Nick North, the officer in charge of procurement discovered the Luminox at a trade show.

Working together with Luminox to develop a tough watch that was specifically for the Seals, modifications were made and the Navy Seal was born. Since then the Seal has been used by many elite military and law enforcement units.

The advantages of using micro gas light sources has long been recognized by the military and the capability to read watches in any conditions being very important. Luminox watches use a proprietary technology featuring tiny borosilicate glass capsules to continuously illuminate the hour markers, hands as well as sometimes the bezel too. The technology was in the past reserved for military use.

Luminox watches have been requested for use by U.S. Air Force pilots, FBI and ATF agents, Secret Service officers, Border Patrol units, Coast Guard officers, SWAT teams, helicopter search and rescue pilots, professional divers as well as general law enforcement officers among other groups.

Considering that since the Luminox Navy Seal watch is chosen for use in some of the toughest professions in the world it should be worthy of the label “tough watch.”