Ludovic Ballouard Half Time Watch. Clever split display.

Ludovic Ballouard Half Time Watch
Ludovic Ballouard Half Time Watch

Ludovic Ballouard has a new watch coming out called the “Half Time” and it is due to be available in May 2012.

This will be his second watch following his wonderfully whimsical and technically masterful “Upside Down Watch” with its cleverly designed dial featuring inverted hour markers.

Stylistically his follow up the “Half Time” appears to be in a similar vein featuring hour markers – this time Roman ones – that are cut in half and realign at the top to show the current hour.

video added below, its the the kind of watch that is fascinating to see in motion, as Ludovic Ballouard describes it :

“As its name indicates, I have chosen to divide the hours in two ! All…except the current hour which is shown in the aperture situated at 12 o’clock !

Two dials turn simultaneously and instantaneously in the opposition direction to one another at the precise moment of the changing of the hour.

The hand situated at 6 o’clock shows the minutes. This is a retrograde minute. It moves backwards at the precise moment where the two dials themselves move in the opposite direction.

The new current hour shows in full and the minute hand resumes its course from point 0.”

Looking forward to hearing more on this in the near future.

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