Marko Petrovic “Avenger” Lamborghini watch

lamborghini watch
Avenger  Lamborghini watch

For his  Lamborghini watch design Marko Petrovic drew inspiration from the shapes and forms in Lamborghini’s supercars, in particular the Aventador , that was released earlier in the year.

This Lamborghini watch, called “The Avenger” translates the Aventador’s engine into a vertical tourbillon, according to Marko Petrovic “The main idea was to transfer that sophisticated but still highly aesthetic engineering into something other than vehicle but still close to it. Vertical tourbillon mechanism seems perfect in this case, following the design in presenting not only something that looks like a cover of a Lamborghini engine, but also represents a glimpse of Lamborghini engine technology.”

It also uses the same signature black and orange colour scheme. The outside of the Lamborghini watch case is fitted with what could be the equivalent of roll bars or fenders and the overall design does a good job of capturing the Lamborghini look and feel.

lambo 3a Marko Petrovic "Avenger" Lamborghini watch
Avenger watch front

lambo 4 Marko Petrovic "Avenger" Lamborghini watch

lamborghini watch

lambo 5 Marko Petrovic "Avenger" Lamborghini watch


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    Do you guys sell Marko Petrovic “Avenger” Lamborghini watch ?

  2. I love this watch how do i get the designer’s details?simply put,i must have one.

  3. Good day I am inquiring about the lamborghini Avenger watch orange in color.
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  4. how much is Marko Petrovic “Avenger” Lamborghini watch? thank you

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