Ladoire RGT Punk Rock. Spiders web and asymmetrical case design.

Ladoire RGT Punk Rock

New model from Ladoire, the Ladoire RGT. Ladoire Geneve make avant-garde timepieces with complications. They are a fairly new Swiss company formed in 2007 and have an unconventional approach to watchmaking.

This can be clearly seen in some of the design features of the RGT Punk Rock model; its crown is at the 8 o’clock position instead of the typical 3 and it has an unusually shaped asymmetrical case as well as the very unconventional face and dial design.

The RGT line is Ladoires first series of timepieces and stands for “Roller Guardian Time” , the name indicates the use of rotating discs which are mounted on ceramic micro ball bearings used to show the hours, minutes and seconds. There is also a GMT hand for a second timezone.

The punk rock part of the name could well come from Lionel Ladoire’s influence since he is also a rock drummer. The watch also sports a spiders web motif.

Ladoire RGT Punk Rock - Back

The case which is a substantial 56mm wide and 46mm high is made from Titanium in 3 modules: bezel/case/back-case, and engraved with “Clou de Paris” patterning.

The back is fitted with a Sapphire crystal so you can appreciate the beauty of the automatic winding-mechanism.

Lionel Ladoire draws his inspiration from contemporary culture, artists such as: Andy Warhol, Philippe Stark,
Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, to name only a few.

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A video showing some of the variations from the RGT line.

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