The Kisai Intoxicated watch comes with breathalyser

Kisai Intoxicated watch
Looking virtually interchangeable from most other watches by Tokyoflash this one features something a bit different: a breathalyser.

The Kisai Intoxicated watch is novel in that it can check how sober you are. To do this unscrew the watch panel on the side of the watch, wait for the sensor to heat up and blow into the breathalyser from a distance of 2cm.


On the right hand side of the time display is the watch’s breathalyser display which is back-lit and shows blood alcohol levels. The colour of the back-light indicates how drunk you are. A green display means no alcohol discovered, a reading of .061 up to .2 glows yellow means you’re slightly inebriated and anything above that will give a red “officially drunk” display.

kisai intoxicated lcds

For those wanting a second opinion there is also a “sobriety game” which tests your reflexes by having you hit a button to stop a moving line at a certain point, the closer you get to the target the less likely that you are drunk.

Tokyoflash are careful to point out to not  rely on the accuracy of the watch readings alone before driving and that the watch is “designed for entertainment only”  and that they “accept no liability for consequences arising from its use.”

Made in Stainless Steel it is powered by a rechargeable battery lasting approx 1 month between charges.

Originally a concept from 2011 this  production version of the Kisai Intoxicated watch is available as pre-order for $99 from the Tokyoflash site.

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  1. I would assume, if you were able to successfully do all those steps, that you are either NOT drunk or you are just a genius.

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