Jean Dunand “Shabaka” Egyptian themed complication watch

The Jean Dunand Shabaka is retro futuristic watch that has an Egyptian theme to it, “Shabaka” was a Kushite pharaoh of the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt, between (721 BC; 707/706 BC)]” refers to one of the Egyptian pharaohs who lived around 700 BC.

Jean Dunand Shabaka
Jean Dunand Shabaka

Setup by watchmaker Christophe Claret, Jean Dunand takes its name from the famous artist.
Jean Dunand who was a Swiss lacquer, sculptor, dinandier (copper manufacturer) and interior designer. He is considered the greatest lacquer artist of the Art Deco period.] (1877-1942) considered the greatest lacquer artist of the Art Deco period.

There are plenty of complications including a perpetual calendar displayed on the three cylinders and a minute repeater that chimes the time on demand with a tiny gong-and-hammer system, the lever for it can be seen on the left side of the case. The dial displays time and date as well as leap year and moonphase.

The watch is a technical tour de force consisting of 721 pieces including 54 jewels, and a power reserve of approximately 45 hours.

Read more about the Jean Dunand “Shabaka at the official site : Jean Dunand

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