Hamilton ODC X-02. Space Odyssey watch – the sequel.

Hamilton ODC X-02
Hamilton ODC X-02

The new Hamilton ODC X-02 takes its design cues from the original watch that was featured in the 1966 Kubrick film “2001:A Space Odyssey”. The ODC X-02 is a sequel to the original watch. Apparently this new and really radical and futuristic design also drew inspiration from the cross section of an aircrafts wing, apparent in its aerodynamic shape.

Striking and unusual the ODC X-02 is made from black titanium and rubber and features three different watch faces, local time and GMT1 and GMT2 for different timezones.

These dials are located below piston-like chambers, on the tops of which are located the individual crowns for setting the watches.

There will be 1000 of the Hamilton ODC X-02  made.
Source: Hamilton

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