Hublot MP-07 like its powerful brother needs drill for winding.

Hublot MP-07
Hublot MP-07

The Hublot MP-07 debuted earlier this year and is part of Hublot’s line of watches with huge power reserves,  the previous one being the awesome looking  MP-05 La Ferrari with an amazing total of 50 days of power reserve.

The Hublot MP-07 like the MP-05 uses a series of stacked mainspring barrels to give it a 42 Days Power Reserve, this model has nine barrels while the MP-05 has eleven.
This means that like its bigger brother it needs a special drill to wind it.

It also uses moving discs for its time indication, and visible on the side of the movement is a a vertically-mounted tourbillon.


Time indication

While the MP-05 attempted to resemble a car engine in its design this model has a more gadget-like appearance.

All this mechanical  power means that the case of the Hublot MP-07 is a substantial 24mm thick,  and measures  51mm wide and 42.95mm tall.

The price of the Hublot MP-07 42 Days Power Reserve is $276,000 USD, for more information visit


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