Diesel releases largest wristwatch in the world

Diesel GrandDaddy
Diesel expands its “Daddy” line of watches with the introduction of the Diesel GrandDaddy model DZ7262 proclaimed to be the world’s largest commercially available wristwatch.

With a case measuring 76mm in diameter the Diesel Granddaddy is certainly a whopper and a wrist presence that is sure to grab attention. It features four individual chronograph movements that can also be used for multiple time zone indicators.

This monster watch uses a black ion-plated steel case and priced at $998 and is a limited edition of 1000.

Diesel Grandaddy and quarter

As large as the Diesel Grandaddy is its still dwarfed by the Godzilla of watches, the MR2129 released in 2006 from Japanese brand Musk for those with wrists like tree trunks. Measuring a stupefying 90mm in diameter and with a weight of 1.6 pounds its probably the heaviest watch ever too.. Surely something this large must double as a table clock – or lethal weapon!

Musk large watch

Diesel Grandaddy Specifications

Watch Movement:-Quartz

Dial Colour:- Black

Crystal/Glass Type:- Mineral Glass

Case:- Black PVD Plated Stainless Steel

Strap/Bracelet:- Black Leather Strap

Water Resistance:- 30 Meters

Model Reference Number:- DZ7262

Case Diameter:- 76.5 Millimeters


  1. Looking for a Musk MR2 129 watch. Is it still available and where can I purchase it?

  2. I realy would like to get my hands on one of these where can i purchase one please email me details
    Please send me link in english also

  3. Did you find one of these
    I must have one …please help

  4. Better be careful and not to swing your arms, wearing those, too much, you might knock yourself out…

  5. I want one of those! Not to wear, as I wouldn’t want to look a prize pillock, but just to show how far people will go to follow fashion out of the window.

  6. Where can this MUSK MR2129 be purchased? I’m not finding it anywhere! Anyone have a clue?

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