De Bethune DB28 watch ‘Oscar’ winnner

De Bethune DB28 De Bethune DB28 watch 'Oscar' winnner
De Bethune DB28: Award winner

The Geneva “Grand Prix Watch Of The Year” can be described as the equivalent of the “Watch Oscars” and is intended to “promote horology and its prime values – namely innovation …”

This year the winner was the De Bethune DB28 for which it was awarded the top prize of  Aiguille d’Or . The DB28 is an unusual watch with three striking features:

-3 dimensional moon-phase.
-Triple parachute system.
-Floating lugs.

The patented “floating lugs” are a clever innovation enabling them to pivot so as to follow the shape of the wrists and consequently make for a more comfortable fit. It also features a 3 Dimensional moonphase function , the only other watch I can think of with this would be the Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod which we profiled earlier in the year. For its 3 Dimensional moonphase the DB28 uses a sphere made of platinum and blued steel and is accurate to within one day every 122 years.

The other feature is the intriguing “triple parachute system” , a technical innovation that protects the mechanism from shocks. It does this by means of a titanium bridge which is supported by a system of springs pressing on stones that have been inserted in the two axes that act as pillars, disturbances are reduced to a minimum and the pivots are protected. You will see this feature at the bottom centre of the dial.

Other points of note are:

– Handwound movement with a 6 day power reserve
– 276 components, twin barrels
– Titanium or rose gold

Priced at 80,000 Swiss Francs

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