Bovet Ottanta converts into pocket watch and table clock.

Bovet Ottanta
Bovet Ottanta

To mark their 80th anniversary Pininfarina teamed up with Bovet to create the Ottanta Tourbillon watch.

A very versatile timepiece it has the unique ability to be transformed into both a pocket watch and miniature table clock through the use of a convertible case which allows the owner to switch styles without use of tools.

The highly complex automatic movement is made of 514 pieces and features a tourbillon that in tribute to Pininfarina`s 80th anniversary moves in an 80 second revolution instead of 60.

Along the edges of the watch are engravings which epitomise 8 decades of Pininfarina.

In a limited edition of just 80 pieces and with a coffer cracking price of $300,000


Bovet Ottanta
Bovet Ottanta

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