Angular Momentum Koi Watch. Richly textured dial uses tree sap.

Angular Momentum Koi
Angular Momentum Koi

Angular Momentum creates watches that are individual works of art. They make some stunningly beautiful watches.

For this example called the Aquarium, they have created an almost life-like Koi – Japanese Carp, which has been engraved in high relief on 925 sterling silver and purple gold on the face. A diamond stares out from the face in the eye of the fish.

The watch is a substantial 16mm thick due to the high relief of the surfaces on the dial of the watch and in order to give the rendered scene more depth. A processed tree sap called Ishime Urushi natural lacquer was used for the ground in the in pond.

A black onyx stone cabochon decorates the watches crown and the case is in polished steel measuring 44mm in diameter. An aperture at the top of the dial reveals a disc which indicates the time. A sapphire crystal reveals the rich panoramic display of colors and complexities of this artistic watch.

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Source:Angular Momentum

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